What sets CHM apart from other investment firms? It is our documented and repeatable scientific investment process based on tried-and-true principles of money management and investment advice.

Ours is not just another sales story. We don’t make decisions based on hunches, gut instincts, or the “trust me, I know what I’m doing” approaches of some Wall Street talking heads. Instead, we provide a suite of investment management services to advisors and individuals to meet a wide range of financial goals and objectives.


Having an investment philosophy, or core set of beliefs, is crucial to your success as an investor.  It is essentially the blueprint or genetic code of an investment program.  At CHM, our investment philosophy defines our very character and nature, it is who we are.

Unlike many investors, we refuse to get swept up in the latest investment fads, nor will we chase the performance of yesterday’s winners.  Our portfolios are designed for the long-term and are managed using a time-tested and disciplined approach based on empirically proven research.


Investment process is a manifestation of our investment philosophy which is evident in the implementation of our portfolios.

Long Term Capital Markets Expectation

Historical estimates of risk and return.

Long Term Evaluation Analysis

Quantify the return opportunity from various valuation levels.

Tactical Decision

Over or underweight decisions, as well as vehicle selection are implemented in a series of meaningful steps as valuations become more compelling.

Current Valuation Analysis

Measure and quantify fair value as well as dispersion from fair value while being mindful of paradigm shifts.

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